Friday, 9 September 2011

THe fun of life with new lungs

Well, Iv been a bizy bee, Throwing myself back in. I want to do everything and do it now. I have a sweet taste of life and I am gorging.

Catching up with many friends, my diary is packed. I have been into Exeter on the train with Kia a few times to meet Stu from work, I went out for a friends birthday, it was one of Stu's work colleagues so I was amongst the guys and the only girls were me and my sister in law. It was so much fun, standing around having a few drinks, toasting to our marriage, new lungs and mikes birthday, with tasty bubbly. But the night was over soon as Stu was off early to work the next day. But It was so fun now i can enjoy it like everyone else.

I walk Kia every day, for ages, through the fields near our house. We play in the kids play park, shes getting very good at agility going up and down the log beams they've set up in there, weaving in and out. I think I might take her to classes, she has a natural ability.

Iv been for meals with Stu, walking around the shops with my mum and mucking around trying hats on.
Then last night I had my niece sleep over! It was great, we took kia for a walk, I did her hair and make up.

Do you think she looks like me? Me and my sister think she could pass of as my child more then my sisters lol. Anyway we had great fun and I'm hoping it will be a weekly thing.

Iv also started gyming and did surprisingly well, 15 minutes of high intensity cardio split between the bike, treadmill and cross trainer and all the different sorts of weights, I'm now allowed to do this and I'm going to the gym and for a bike ride Sunday weather permitting. The only bad news is I have to wait 6-12months before I can swim although, If I'm healed my doc may allow me to do it early.


That's right I feel the need to be doing more, so my plan at the moment is to do some sort of volunteer work, maybe a charity shop, but to be honest I want to be more involved with the actual people who need help. I was discussing it today and I would really like to volunteer in a physio rehab centre for physical disability's, I obviously have to be careful what disability's I work with due to being imuno suppressed. But I feel physical disability's would be a safe area to volunteer in and something I can relate to due to my time rehabing and also my severe arthritis as a child, which i still suffer with on and off but not severely. So I'm on the scout out for something, If anyone has any advise or knowledge on how to get into this then please let me know. I am physical up to the challenge now and can't do nothing for much longer.

Long term I would like to do some paid work for a charity as well as all the free stuff I do. I want rewarding work, I want to feel like I'm helping people. I like the idea of still helping with rehab but possibly working in pr for a charity, as I'm very good at networking and causing media hype, I use to cause a stir in college in the papers and also now promoting Live life and give life as an ambassador and generally getting the word out about organ donation. Which I have been told I will hopefully be going over to advocate soon, similar role, but hopefully i can do a bit more and I'm allowed to take part in socials as theres no cross infection risks. I will always do my free charity work and fundraising. But I need to have some sort of income.

I'm also hoping to re start my business but on a smaller scale, just teaching privately at home to more advanced students, Iv had my time teaching from scratch but I enjoy the challenge of advanced pupils and I only wish to do that as one lesson a day in the evenings and have eventually my paid charity work and free charity work as my main job. Pole will have to be in at least 6months to a years time as I am just not strong enough to teach yet and that will take me a while to re train.

So lots of ideas lined up and a few more in the back of my brain, but I'm not ready to discuss them.

Hope somebody out there can give me a point in the right direction.

Express and Echo and Im also in this weeks TAKE A BREAK


  1. I think you are unbelivablely strong person, I have seen your posts only through Kimberley Liane Kneil on facebook and am amazed with what you have been through, I read the bit about you wanting to volunteer and I didnt know if the following would be any good to you? I do this up in the midlands take a look and take care x

  2. Hi Kirstie,

    I've been following your blog since you featured on Russel Howard's Good News and I am so pleased to hear how well you're doing!!

    If you're looking for volunteer work can I suggest the following: Register and Be a life saver (

    A friend of mine, Adrian Sudbury, started an initiative to get education about stem cell and organ donation to 16-18 year olds. He used his contacts as a journalist to get national coverage of the initiative, supported by Anthony Nolan and the NHS blood and transplant service, and took his story to meet the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    Unfortunately Ad's Leukaemia was too agressive and he sadly passed away but his hard work lives on. I'm sure they'd love it if you decided you wanted to help!

    All the best and keep having fun!!

  3. Sounds like you're rearing to go which is great! The great thing is, the world's your oyster now so try everything. If you don't like it after a given time or find it too stressy then leave it! There may be some things that you used to think were uninteresting that really rock your world now!! Sadly I couldn't return to full time primary school teaching with 30 children but then did a bit of specialist group work at the school and find that rewarding too. Like you say, its striking the balance of unpaid voluntary work (can end up doing heaps!) and having some paid work too. Nice to keep some cards close to your chest, you need still need loadsa time to get your head around whats been happening the past few months I'd say :-) Keep up the great work x

  4. My goodness you are fitter than me and I am healthy hehee - well done :D a proper inspiration xx

  5. you are doing fantastic kirsty, i too had double lung transplant at harefield 17 months ago and wanted to help people so now i volunteer at my local hospital doing the lung rehabilitation course and i also then get the use of their gym and can also help other people who have been referred for a lung transplant
    good luck in whatever you decide to do
    hope to see you in clinic one day :) xx

  6. Hi Kirstie
    I've been following your blog since you were on Russell Howard. I am so pleased that you have got your new lungs and that you are feeling so well now. I shed actual tears at your last post and I don't even know you! Your family must be so relieved to have the "real" you back :-)
    Anyway, I found this link for volunteering in your area:
    I hope you can find something that will suit you while you are continuing your road to recovery.

  7. Hi Kirstie :)

    I have also been followin you're blog since seeing you on Russell Howard's show. I'm so thrilled that you finally have you life back, me, my mum and my boyfriend have just been sitting reading you entries crying with joy for you :) I will continue reading you're blog and wish you all the best in the future with your husband and family xx