Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A reply

I went to clinic on Thursday. It was a great clinic I got to meet Sarah who's from Cornwall, so my neck of the woods and It was great just chatting about things with someone who's been through the same sort of thing. I have to say, I find I have such a connection with other transplant patient especially Lungs and heart. Something about your chest being cut open really brings you together. Which is why I eventually want to set up a Lung transplant Support group for the southwest. Its something I have though about and if theres one already out there, then well there not doing very well as I don't feel very supported. I know It could be a great deal of work as I want anyone in the southwest to know that the group exists and have regular get together, once a month. Iv decided It's my next project after Sept 9th the date I finish my bike ride, that is if I can hold off till then. I've got great ideas to make sure south west patients know we exists and I think It could be a really great thing. My Lung function was the highest yet.

Anyway, as I was in clinic waiting. Rob the transplant coordinator came up to me and asked to speak in private. I knew what it was about, My letter. He said there was a reply and that it was quite detailed and that my donors family also know who I am. I knew I would accept this letter and said yes. He went to go get it. I went back and sat with my mum and burst in to tears. I had been waiting and wondering and now the time was here, suddenly I felt great fear, would they like me? Have I done enough for them to be happy about there donation? What if they were disappointed or upset by anything I had done? Rob arrived back with he letter and saw I was very upset and asked again, 'are you sure?' I was, I knew I would be upset but I had to read, I had to know.

It was one of the loveliest letters I have read, So many beautiful memory's of my donor, things I could only wish to know. I feel so lucky to have been given this information, I already owe my donors family so much, but this was just that one step further. I can never say thank you enough to them. The letter was left open for me to write back. I'm sure I will, when I have had time to absorb the many facts.

Its leads me to a film I was watching earlier, based on a real story, I can't remember the title I was to absorbed in the story. I switched it on and little did I know It would lead to organ donation. A teenager had died in a car accident and the family were approached about organ donation. I burst into tears, thinking of what my donors family went through and the hurt they must of been feeling. The deep pain I felt watching this, just made me feel so grateful and thankful to them.

So I will leave my post there today.

Thank you for reading.


  1. that's awesome! though i know it must have been super emotional for you, i'm glad you got a reply from your organ donor's family. i'm also SURE they are very satisfied w/ your actions since transplant and receiving their loved one's lungs. all the work you do to promote organ donation doesn't go unnoticed and i believe very fitting as a huge thank you to them!

  2. A support group for transplant siblings would be good too! Perhaps i should start one up on FB.
    I think about my brothers donors family's, he never wanted to write a letter, so i felt i should not, but i do think about all they have given to me.
    Glad to hear you are still going well. Keep up all your hard work. My little bro is 17 yrs post tx

  3. I am really touched by your blog, I hope they get that they get that message in the South West that, that group exists.

    Also, I'm glad that your reply letter came back nicely.

    About 2 days ago I wached this police program and they were called to a accident that involved a cycleist, it was at night on the motorway and a car hit the cycleist that was on the motorway, the cycleist wasnt visable, because he didn't have any lights on his bike, or a reflector ,or a vizzie jaket.
    He got killed in the accident, that left me speachless, I was so upset.

    I'm not mentioning this to put you off cycling, I just thought I would mention it to you.

    All the best wishes

    Harry W

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