Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lazy blogging a good catch up

Ok so this is what I call lazey blogging. I have done so much so im goin to upload a load of photos that basicly tell you what I'v been doing. :-)

I started my training for my charity bike ride, I havn't really riden a bike properly in years and never done alot of miles. But i felt like I was taking to it really quickly.

I had a root canal, I have perfect teeth, healthy teeth, but due to my bronch things got chipped, a tooth feel out and I got an abcess, hence the root canal, I must have gums of steel because non of it was painful not event he injection.

We held a bake sale to support the ball and raised £180 it was the best set up yet, Me, my Mum and Nan The  three muskateers.

I went to a pole and acro/hand balancing work shop with Bendy Kate from got to dance! It was fab Im now regularly practicing and seeing as I wouldnt do much there I have improved alot!

I went to devpn county show and loved it heres an alpaca teddy, soooo soft, last year I was in a wheel chair and reaching what I call the end, as well as preparing for my wedding, I can't belive how things have changed, last year I said when I had new lungs I would hold a LLTGL stall there, It was a bit to much this year, but hopefully next year.

Heres the biggest iced bun I have ever seen, I LOVE iced buns, cinamon, fruit, cherry any as long as theres heeps of icing and a cherry on the top, there was one on this one, I ate it tho, whoops

I kept the cycling up I cycled all the way to sidmouth and back via ottery and fairmile 25miles in one day. my second week of training I cycled 100miles in one week!!

My Hand balancing got good!

I have been cycling, weight training and hand balancing at every oppertunity, My goal A. to be in the best physical shape i can be in B. to have a very toned body. I feel my hard work is getting there.

Flexibility training as well!!

I went out on a night out witht the girls, I had sucha  good time, I don't go out very often pubbing/barring (i certainly dont go clubbing) I got all glammed up and had a great time, I may have been home by 12 but thats the way I like it.

The Handbalancing kept improving!! At a family BBQ a few days ago.

So This  week I have already cycled 50miles, Im only in my 3rd week of training, Im going to a medical seminar tommorrow to talk about CF and Transplant. Then at the weekend my friend Hannah is coming to stay, she had a heart transplant and we met in clinic after talking for ages. Im soo excited. Then next week the annual check up with harefield.


  1. Cant believe how well you are doing you are an inspiration.xxx

  2. Tanzy, Your doing brilliantly with your cycling, pluss I also think your hand balencing skills are very good. I wouldn't be able to balance like you do. LoL

    About 3 days ago I cycled 24 miles tadcaster, York, stutton and lotherton.
    Also, why havn't you been replying to me on Twitter.
    Harry W

  3. You continue to be an inspiration Kirstie, raising money and keeping transplantation in the spotlight, added to that your obvious happiness and good health is great to see, long may it continue,
    keep well Kirstie, God Bless, x

  4. You are absolutely amazing! You look fantastic! Keep up the good work Kirstie! I am just realizing who you resemble.... Kelly Pickler! Adorable!