Monday, 10 February 2014

6 month

Today 6 months ago I received my second double lung transplant. My gratitude to both of my donors is un explainable.

I am so sorry for the family's loss, I hope that in there hearts they can find some peace from such a huge grief. I know that grief doesn't fade or lessen but I hope that maybe through this donation they can find some comfort. With every breath I am thankful for this gift, the gift of life that both my donors have given me. I live every second with the purpose to live it to the full.

For now that is all I can say, I'm planning to write to my second donors family soon.

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  1. Hi Kirstie,

    Just checked out your website, looks great! Pictures are lovely. Good luck with the presenting work, and everything. You so deserve it. Be great to hear how you are doing too.

    Take care.

    1. Hi

      Thank you, I'm doing really well, I will update soon, I promise x

  2. Hi Kirstie

    We have just studied your case in our health and social care course and we all found it very touching. We were all wondering how you were doing now?

    Marty - Derry, Ireland

  3. Hello kirstie !!
    Tu es vraiment formidable je suis vraiment impressionnée par ta force morale tu es une battante !!!!����
    Tu es pleine de joie de vivre tu donne le moral aux gens traite tu es un exemple de la vie .. Je suis heureuse pour toi que tu es eu cette transplantation !!!!��������
    Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur de chance pour les 100 années à venir ����������
    Reste comme tu es.. THE BEST ������❤️
    Bisous ma belle��
    Lola une admiratrice ����

  4. I saw a documentation in TV some month ago about you and "your way" (in german TV). It was a documentation before your first transplant. I am a surgeon so all this should be just "another case" for me but it isn´t. You are so special. There are no words to describe what emotions and feelings I felt while watching this short film about You and Stu. So touching and in the end wonderful. Thanx for sharing this all with us. I am really so glad that you are well - even if I don´t know you in real. hope you will have a long happy life and wish you all the best.
    And please don´t stop writing - I have 17hours nightshifts and I need something to read that makes me smile and gets me happy - just because you are okay...
    wish you the very best !!!! Greeting from Pam