Monday, 6 January 2014

When do you get back to work

Something iv been thinking about is when do you go back to work post transplant? Especially double lung transplant?

Well my first transplant is as keen to get back to work, but then I went Back to fitness pole dancing 3 months post transplant it was at my leisure, I could choose when and how often I taught. I enjoyed it and it was enough to keep me occupied, but not stress me out and over work. I think they were both important because I was still recovering mentally and physically after the trauma of ecmo and transplant. I'm happy I did that.

This time I was forced back to work as I wasn't entitled to incapacity/esa benefit and with being homeless because our rented house was full of mould (not good for lung transplant, especially newly transplanted lungs) we had to put our dream, buying a house, into fast forward. Living with my nan and then in my mums annex when she was able to move into her house as she had just bought and was renovating. Therefore I had to go back to work to be able to afford rent and bills. So exactly 3 months post this transplant, despite being heavily depressed and anxious which I was seeing the phycologist for, I went back to work.

Let me explain a little about my mind set at the time, I was anxious because as you may know I'm still at high risk of chronic rejection, I was trying to get over another dance with death, saying goodbye to my family and friends, grieving for my donor whilst feeling forever grateful to them and dealing with the confusion that I had said goodbye to the lungs that had saved my life although my connection with my first donor is always in my heart. I didn't know if I'd recover or how well I'de recover. My doctor suggested I didn't go back to work yet for medical and mental recovery, feeling maybe. The last two years had caught up with me.

I didn't want to go back, getting out of bed on some days was hard, I was still extremely physically tired and having various other recovering issues i went back and It was hard at first I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I wish I had had 6 months to recover but being back at work gave my Mind other things to think about and then buying our home and being busy with that to, there wasn't time to think and that was just what I needed.

So I guess when people ask me, when should I return to work? It's different for everyone but most important thing is when is right for you and in my opinion whether you go back to work or not having something to keep your mind from Everything can be really good, but remember all our thoughts and fears have to be dealt with in the end. The phycologist gave me a specific time and day I could think about it all deal with as much of it then and then lock it away till the next week so I could function as a human being and be happy.

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  2. Hi Kristie. Always happy to get an update from you. Pls keep them coming. Congrats again on your house purchase. Marc (42 Cfer, Canada)

  3. Can you make the font bigger because I can't read it :( Looks much prettier though :)

    1. Iv made the writing clearer and bigger, hope it helps. Thanks for letting me know :-)

  4. You have grown wise in a very short time, your thoughts and advice are, and will be invaluable for a long time to come. You are a very special person. xxx

  5. Hi Kirsty my stepdad passed away 5 years ago this sat (11th jan) age 39 from CF. He never really spoke about it to us as we were young. Its interesting reading ur blog, makes me realise what he may have been thinking/feeling and what he must have been going through so thank you. Miss him everyday. All the best with ur tv career :) xxx

  6. Hi Lynsey, thank you for commenting. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad I can give you an insight. Wishing you all the best xxx