Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hospital survival packs

So the hospital survival packs nomination period is up and those who will receive a pack have been contacted and iv also attempted and think iv succeeded in contacting those who haven't been successful this time. I apologise if I have missed anyone. I have to say I got so much response for the packs although there were very few men nominated, I wonder why that it? Everyone who was nominated deserved a pack and I'm just sad that I couldn't give everyone one. The best bit of this project has been emailing those who will receive one, there reactions have been priceless and that what I set out to do, to create a smile when there might not seem like many reasons to smile. That makes my heart feel happy. Will I run another project like this one? I defiantly think so, into e new year after a few months I may start the whole process again, but I will wait till I have some spare time.

I also want to thank all those who nominated someone and please don't hesitate to nominate them next time.

I hope I will be able to put up some picture soon of people enjoying there packs!

I will write a update on myself soon, but all is pretty roses and life is not only back to where I left it before my chronic rejection but things are progressing nicely.
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  1. Hello, My name is Maria and I'm from Uruguay, I saw your story on tv yesterday and I just wanted to say that I admired you, and that you are a life example for every person that is facing a very dificult situation! God bless you!

  2. Hi Kirstie, I just watched a program on your illness. I also spent some time in the hospital for lung problems. I think you're very brave. Take good care of you. If you mean me, it's Franck Rhouma on facebook. I hope you understand what I wrote to you I do not speak English very well.