Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mulling things over.

I haven't really got the words to blog at the moment, a lot has gone on and at the same time not alot too. My mind is ticking over and I have nothing interesting to say. I don't want to leave my blog empty and people wondering where I am, so I just thought I would say I'm here, I'm thinking, contemplating, being indecisive and mulling over things. Something is not right, something has got to change in the world of Kirstie...I'm just not sure what, until I do and until my mind is clearer I may not have anything interesting or thought provoking to say.


  1. Hope things all come together somehow.

  2. Take your time. We're here for you and will listen if you want to vent. All the best regards.

    Larry (GA)

    1. Hope you're ok! I managed to watch half of your programme but it's off Iplayer now :-(

      love Rachel (RacheDug44 I follow you on twitter!)

  3. Hi - I watched your programme with interest and admiration as I am currently debating whether to go on the lung transplant list. I too am under Harefield and really struggling with my decision. I hope to get in contact with you soon and ask for your advice if that is something you would be able to do.
    Thank you