Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Life's to busy to be blogging

Well I haven't been a good blogger, but that's what happens when life is happening. So things you've missed;

The tummy blockage
A couple of weeks ago I had the most horrendous time with my stomach, people with cf can get a lot of blockages, I have had my fair few, when they do happen it comes on very quickly. Literally I was ok went to bed and woke up in agony and started vomiting. A lot of time has passed for me to go into detail of everything that went on. Basically I was put on a surgical ward over the weekend where nothing but pain relief was given. I spent that time in a haze on morphine telling them what I needed and refusing all the treatment they wanted to give me that was wrong for my illness. As soon as Monday came I mustered up the strength I had and made my way to culm ward where my consultant would be. I stared at him and said 'I have a blockage, I'm on mere, I don't feel safe' he then went and got me transferred to culm, at that point I was really ill. I couldn't keep the medication they were trying to give me and I started vomiting up stuff from beyond the stomach, I'm really not going to elaborate on that. I was drip feed the medication, which I continued to vomit, but eventually some got through and the next day things were working. I was allowed home.

Unfortunately, the blockage had been so bad and I had been left for so long before it was treated, as soon as I got home I started vomiting again and was admitted back in. This happened several times, allowed home absolutely fine after 12hours of being fine and I came back in extremely poorly.

It was decided I needed to see the gastro specialist, my bowel wasn't sick whatever that ment, but it was confused over what it was suppose to do now and I would have to stay on some very high dose laxatives for quite a while. Which I still am. But things are better, although still not back to normal.

The birthday
It was my birthday on the 29th of September, I was spoilt rotten, I had my hair done, I got some new clothes and a ipad from myhubby :-) I literally had a amazing day, with any milestone I can only think about my donor and how without them none of it would be possible. I'm just literally so great full and I'm really trying to live my life 'well' to me that means
making a difference, helping others and enjoying it for myself as we'll.

The haul, I'm a lucky girl :-)

Birthday girl shiney hair new clothes :-)

The holiday
We were suppose to go on holiday this past week, but unfortunately due to being so sick with my tummy, we decided to do the wise grown up thing and wait till we know I'm 100% so I'm still waiting to have a nice length break away and really feeling some sun time would be good, even if I do have to hang in the shade due to my drugs. Instead we went Alton towers, stayed in the hotel, went to splash landings, ate an incredible amount, been to the cinema, ate out loads and been to London to see Russell Howard and good news being filmed. It was good to see him when I'm not in a wheelchair. I had a pic with him.



Wow I look so much healthier!

I'm now back to work as of today after just getting back from London.

Well I've now started teaching group again and really enjoying it, i put some adverts in the other day and expect to be really bizy from it. I'm also starting another job, I decided I wanted another job along side teaching pole for severally reasons, my job is a evening job and I have far to much time in the day, I hate being bored. I felt I needed something else in my life, also we are hoping to buy a house next year, none of this will be possible unless I'm earning a steady wage and we need to save more for a deposit, so another job will really help as being self employed although I earns he money, getting a mortgage with it can be really hard especially when you've had 1year off and miss that years accounts.

The job is working with severely disabled adults as a community and centre enabler. I've got the job and done a trial day there, I really enjoyed it and I'm just waiting for my crb check to come through so I can start. I'm very excited.

So that's it for now, there's not much else to say. I will try to be a better blogger from now but well life's to good and I'm enjoying it a lot, so please excuse me if I get wrapped up in life.


  1. Brilliant on the job front Kirstie. It always amazes me when the proper treatment is not offered...they always know better...........NOT. I am still waiting to go in Papworth as they think it is ok for me to run out of steam after an hour or so whilst not doing anything more than a little walking.I am constipated and have been for months (morphine). Was admitted to Pilgrim hospital when I woke up and acted in a very funny manner and gallons of crap came out of my mouth(saved a little physio)Had atrial fibrillation,totally confused and feeling about as low as I could be, but I suppose all the reports will join earlier ones in some bin somewhere and I will only be listened to when in the act of dying!! When all this crap hits you though kirstie it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people after what you have been through you should be treated like royalty not have to fight for the right treatment.When in pain and distressed you will appear angry and exited, why don't they just listen?? Rant over I wish I had the money to buy you that house,it seems after what you have gone through,and still face, you deserve to be given that house !! Look after yourself, you continue to be an inspiration. xxx

  2. Hi Kirstie,
    So glad you are blogging again. Have missed reading, but if it means you are enjoying life more and have been busy; then it's understood.

    Sorry to hear of the tummy issues but hope you are on the way to better recovery now.

    Best of luck with the job.

    Take good care of yourself but continue to enjo your life.

    Warmest regards,
    Larry from GA

  3. Hi Kirstie

    I am so glad to hear that you are blogging again and feeling better as I too, have missed reading your blog and were getting worried. All the best from Australia :)