Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fancy playing catch up :-/

Well Its been a while since my last blog, my laptop has died on me, last time I had started IVs and was feeling pretty bad, I have to say its taken me a long while to get back to feeling 100% and I'm not even there yet. The iv's worked much slower than usual and I am now on a oral course of Cipro since finishing them. Although I'm not coughing and seem really well, I'm most affected after a bizy day or very hard cardiovascular exercise such as cycling. As you can imagine with my cycle ride looming this isn't good. on the 7th of September we head off, I feel under trained and nervous. I know what ever happens I will complete this, but It may be slower than I like.

I'm also hosting a event supporting the ride on the 1st September at the Turks head lodge so If you are from honiton, Exeter or anywhere near by please come along, Its a gig with Ian bruce and Ian wright, There two Scottish folk singers. Tickets on the door at £7 and starts at 8:00pm. That's this Saturday coming guys.

Also that same day I'm going to be on live with John Grovier on BBC Radio Devon at approx 10:45 talking about the bike ride, organ donation and the gig With the two Ian's. So listen out!!!

Several things have happened in the my life and I've started to take steps to make a few things happen, I'm now back teaching group lessons at the Turks head lodge, every Thursday. So far improving my income and also giving me a huge amount of enjoyment, I'm hoping to get that up to two lessons back to back by the end of September. I also have a few other venues in line in different places which I'm hoping to start up in. I've also decided that although I teach alot, it all evening work and most of the time I am extremely bored in the day, So I wrote a C.V and started to send it out, I have applied to work with disabled people enabling them to carry out activities that they wouldn't usually be able to do with out the help of someone, Wether its due to physical disability's or learning. I'm going for an informal chat tomorrow. I'm so excited, I have wanted to work with disabled people for a very long time, hopefully giving them the support to lead what may be perceived as a 'normal life' and achieving there goals.

I'm also hoping to start a course soon, I have yet to find the right one, but I'm very eager and excited. I would like to increase my sowing machine skills, learn to pattern make form my own designs and dress make. I have a pretty technical brain when it comes to making things and also a very creative imagination, I think these with just a few more skills and a bit more knowledge I would like to create my own dresses. Its not something that I will be up and doing next week, It will require studying and practise, But I'm really willing to put the time in.

Iv also had a fair bit of fun over the last week, I had my friend Elly come to stay, she hadn't seen me with new lungs, the last time I saw her was my wedding. Elly also has CF and we stayed away for a while due to me being susceptible to infection, but then it got tooo long and before you know it, it had been over a year!!! We decided to go out on Thursday night and have a dance. Me and Elly are both keen dancers, we went to the R&B club and danced the night away, I wish I had worn flats. My feet were killing in the end!! But it was soo much fun.

Then Friday me and Stu headed to Cornwall Portlevan for our good friend Mel's Wedding, Mel was the director for my documentary and we became very close. Me and Stu camped for the weekend putting the tent up in the dark. I had such a amazing time! Meeting lots of amazing people. The venue for the wedding and weekend of fun was an Eco friendly, laid back farm. With its own camp sight. The place has given my ideas to run a pole weekend there! But anyway, the wedding was amazing and It was very strange as pretty much all the guests had watched the doc, being Mel's friends they obviously watch her work. Well having people know so much about you and also one of the editors who spent hours looking at footage of ourselves and probably know far to much about us!! Well like I said strange, but they were all very lovely and complimentary.

So The next 2 weeks I'm hoping to train extremely hard and gain my fitness to cycle the 180 miles. But please please please if you haven't already sponsor me, every pound helps and goes to some very deserving charities.  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/kirstiesbigbreathbikeride Thank you all so much for your support!

Also those who read about my friends Kim who had her Transplant she is home! She has done extremly well and Im very proud of her, Im also thankful for her donor giving her the gift of life and finally the medical staff at Exeter Hospital and harefield hospital.


  1. Hi Kirstie, I hope that you are feeling better!! Really, 180 miles? How many days will this take you? Wow, thats more miles then I have probably cycled in my life! GOOD LUCK to you and I hope you get all those miles in!!

    It sounds like you have been very busy over the last few weeks. Keep up the good work and stay well.

  2. Kirstie
    You don't know me but I've been following your blog for ages and I think I've maybe posted now and again. But I just jumped out my skin when I saw you mention Ian Bruce. I'm a huge fan. Seen him loads of times inc last Sat night. Dunno if you've seen him before but you're in for a good night. He has an amazing voice and great banter.
    Normally Ian Walker is his side kick don't know this other Ian but if I lived nearer I'd be in the front row for sure. Enjoy. Gillian x

  3. Marvellous stuff Kirstie, I hope all your dreams come true. I hope Kim does as well as you and goes from strength to strength.Keep a close eye on the Cypro sweetheart, it has mullared me and I have constant pain in my left Achilles tendon, many of us on the BRUS site have the same problem.I really hope you don't as if you don't have trouble with it then it is brilliant, specially for Pseudo ! The last time I went tenting I was pissed and couldn't find the exit so I pulled up the side of the tent and found myself peeing in the middle of brambles and nettles, the brambles cut me up quite badly, which I didn't feel 'til the morning and as for the nettles, well my appendage was stung so much it had a temporary enlargement, didn't feel that 'til the AM either, no sympathy from my partner as I had left the tent open and it had rained, say no more ! Good luck on the 1st and the 7th, best wishes, Kelvin (bubbly on BRUS) xxx

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better Kirstie.
    Love reading your blog, I wonder how many other people read it from Australia?

  5. Hey I heard about you from Russell Howard's Good News and he's right.

    You're so brave and an inspiration!! I'm so happy to hear about your new lungs. If anyone deserves a second chance at life - it's you.

    Georgie x

  6. Just saw you in an old repeat on Russell Howard's Good news from 2011.

    You are a lovely human being. Health and Happiness to you.

  7. I saw you on russel howards good news and thought you where amazing and your blog is a delight . :-D

    1. Aww brilliant, it was an old episode but went to see Russell filming his new series the other day, it was great to meet him again with my new lungs, last time I was very sick and in a wheel chair :-)